Inside a Pet Dental Treatment at Deltona Vet

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One of the most important things you can do for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing is having your vet perform a regular dental examination and teeth cleaning. It’s the best way to prevent pet periodontal disease, tooth loss, decay, and infections that can cause serious health conditions. Here’s what to expect when you bring your pet in for a dental examination and teeth cleaning at the Deltona Animal Medical Center.

Before The Procedure

You’ll receive a briefing from your vet on the details of the procedure, and they’ll perform a complete physical exam on your pet. This will include taking a sample of blood and possibly urine for testing in the lab to identify any underlying issues that could cause complications. You’ll be instructed on what to do the night before the procedure, such as limiting food and water intake after a specific time and any other requirements.

During The Procedure

Your pet will receive anesthesia to put them to sleep while their teeth are being examined and cleaned. This keeps them still and eliminates the stress and anxiety they would otherwise experience. An IV will be attached to provide the fluids necessary to maintain the proper blood pressure, and their vital signs will be carefully monitored during the procedure. Your vet will take a full set of dental X-rays to look for signs of hidden decay and cavities and other issues. Then the vet will use dental tools to closely examine the teeth and under the gumline. Cavities will be filled when possible to save the tooth, and where decay is too advanced, or because of other problems, it will be extracted. Then your pet’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, excess plaque and tartar will be scaled away, and the teeth will be polished to a gleaming white.

After The Procedure

Afterward, your pet will spend some time in the recovery room for observation, and then you’ll be able to take them home. Expect them to spend the whole day at the clinic. Your veterinarian will review the results of the exam with you and advise you if any further dental treatments are needed. They’ll give you instructions for post-procedure care, and tell you about special chews, treats, and diets you can use at home to promote good dental health.

To schedule a dental examination and cleaning for your pet at the Deltona Animal Medical Center, please use our convenient online form. We look forward to seeing you!

Clinic Remodel

We are so excited to announce that our clinic is receiving a remodel!

These renovations will provide an enhanced customer and patient experience while creating optimal efficiency for our team members. We want you and your fur babies to be comfortable, healthy, and happy when visiting our clinic!

During renovations, we are allowing clients limited access to the facility.

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