Owner Name(Required)
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Has your pet ever bitten or tried to bite someone?
Does your pet allow you to give them a bath?
Does your pet allow you to trim their nails?
Does your pet allow you to give them medication? Liquid, pills, neither, both?
Does your pet have any areas they do not like touched? Where? How do they react?
Does your pet allow you to clean and/or medicate their ears?
Have you ever had to give or have been requested to give your pet sedatives to go to a vet clinic (Trazadone, Alprazolam, Acepromazine, Gabapentin)?
Has a previous veterinarian refused to see your pet due to aggressive behavior?
Has your pet had to wear a muzzle for any reason at the vet clinic?
Is your pet protective/reactive around you and more relaxed when examined away from you?
** We reserve the right to refuse service should your pet become aggressive enough to put self or our staff at risk for injury. ***An additional fee may apply if sedation is needed to safely handle your pet or if multiple nurses are necessary to handle your pet.